Mississippi Regional Housing Authority No. VII’s (MRHA7) number one priority and concern is the safety of our Clients, Residents, Partners and Employees.  As our nation experiences events with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are doing our utmost to protect our employees and clients by limiting the possible exposure of this contagion.  Effective March 17, 2020 we are closing our office to all walk in business.  We are asking that you not visit the office, but communicate with our office by other methods of communication such as telephone calls (601) 684-9503; emails to our Section 8 Office at hcv@mrha7.org or Public Housing at public@mrha7.org or

faxes to 844-331-1424.

 Click HereClick HereCDC Information about COVID-19CDC Information about COVID-19

     Visit the Center for Disease Control website for the latest information about COVID-19

Please continue to check our website for updates and new information concerning our office closure.


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MISSISSIPPI REGIONAL HOUSING AUTHORITY VII is a long-standing public housing agency based in McComb, MS. Since our inception in 1942, we have been offering homeownership solutions, rental assistance, and housing programs to the numerous needy and displaced families and individuals in the area. We believe that everybody deserves a decent shelter, and we are here to provide you with reliable housing services tailored to your needs.